About myclimate

myclimate is one of the world’s leading providers of voluntary carbon offsetting measures. myclimate’s carbon offset projects are characterised by adherence to extremely strict criteria. myclimate also provides a comprehensive range of sustainability consulting services and uses climate education projects to sensitise people to climate change and climate protection.

myclimate emerged in 2002 from a joint project by students and professors at the ETH Zurich. In the space of a few short years, the organisation grew from a student project into a professionally managed and internationally focused climate protection foundation. Even today, the spirit of innovation and outstanding dedication of its participants are integral to myclimate.

The Vision: Towards a Low-Carbon Society

What do we mean by low-carbon society? A 1- to 2-tonne society that allows for a high standard of living but has very low greenhouse gas emissions. myclimate is committed worldwide to climate protection through education, consulting and the offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions by means of high-end carbon offset projects. Market-oriented and customer-driven, myclimate delivers a comprehensive service package for climate protection in line with its guiding principles: «avoid – reduce – offset» and «Do the best and offset the rest».

Emissions are currently being offset in around 70 carbon offset projects in 30 countries around the world. myclimate supports projects that use renewable energies, realise energy efficiency measures and cut methane emissions, as well as reforestation and new forest initiatives that reduce the pressure on protected forests and biodiversity “hot spots”. myclimate carbon offset projects meet the highest standards (CDM, Gold Standard, Plan Vivo), which are not only proven to reduce greenhouse gases locally and regionally, but also make a positive contribution to sustainable development. Moreover, myclimate is making people more aware of climate change and climate protection through numerous climate education projects. myclimate has observed a rapidly growing demand for sustainability consulting services (carbon footprints, eco-balance and performance programmes).

Broad Foundations with a Global Network

A six-member foundation board serves as the strategic governing body. Operational management is based in the Zurich office with a team of more than 60 staff. A high calibre patronage committee made up of international personalities from the worlds of finance, academia and politics supports myclimate. Through its partner organisations, myclimate is directly active in various countries, such as Sweden, Luxembourg, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Turkey and Germany. All key figures for the myclimate foundation are published each year in its annual financial statement.