Partner Portrait – Destination Engadin, Scuol, Samnaun, Val Müstair: "We can not get out of here!"


"And neither we want. We have the opportunity to leave our marks in our holiday region. What is not "fit for grandchildren", harms or fails. That's why we concentrate on our own strengths, values and achievements, and we take on responsibility for...

From the poles to COP21 – Pole To Paris visits Bali


Pole To Paris puts the spotlight on the importance of the 21. climate change conference. To achieve this, two scientists are travelling from the poles to Paris, one on foot, one by bicycle. myclimate is the climate partner of the initiative that wants...

myclimate Education – Climate Protection with Track Record


Through interactive and action-oriented educational programmes, myclimate Education encourages everyone to make a contribution towards our future. The projects for schoolchildren, apprentices and students do not rest on their laurels.

Resource efficiency in the printing sector: a pioneering project in Valais


myclimate has been partners with the Swiss printing industry for many years. Valmedia, a printing business which is already actively involved in climate protection, is now also championing the cause of resource efficiency. Calculations from...

A vocal advocate for myclimate – Fatih Birol new member of our Patronage Committee


He is known for sharp analysis and plain speaking. Dr. Fatih Birol, director of the International Energy Agency, numbers among the most prominent supporters of myclimate, along with Muhammed Yunus, Ernst Ulrich von Weizäcker and Doris Leuthard.

Making sustainability work: YES course Costa Rica 2015


Organized by myclimate and hosted by the prestigious Research Center for Tropical Agriculture CATIE, the participants of the first YES course in Costa Rica in 10 years explored “low-emission strategies in practice” together with local and...

Partner portrait: VAUDE – sustainability as a company philosophy and a lifelong dream


VAUDE from Tettnang is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of outdoor and cycle clothing, equipment and shoes. VAUDE can also claim to take a leading role in terms of sustainability, an area in which the company is extremely active.

Corncobs instead of coal – a project in China and the subject of a new film


For several years, myclimate has been supporting an extensive cooker project in the Chinese province of Shanxi. Simon Straekter, a young yet renowned filmmaker, joined myclimate staff in situ. See his documentary for yourself!

Partner Portrait: World-class in the Stadium and Beyond


“Weltklasse Zürich” is the track-and-field meeting with the most international top stars. Due to its sustainability concept, the world-class quality of the meeting goes beyond the track, the throwing circle and the jumping pit.

Offsetting for ship travel – Hotelplan Suisse on board


In 2014, myclimate expanded its portfolio of freely accessible CO calculators to include a variant for ship travel. Due to the very positive customer's experiences for airplane travel calculators, Hotelplan Suisse is now integrating them into their...

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