Used Cooking Oil: A Climate-friendly Alternative Instead of a Health Risk - A New myclimate Project Film


A new project film shows myclimate's engagement in Bali. The collaboration between Caritas Switzerland, Kuoni and myclimate aims for converting used...

One Epic Adventure – Climate Neutral Trip Through Scotland


Marc Andri Riedi (from Chur/Switzerland) and Matthew Price (Hertfordshire/UK) are already waiting in the wings to journey all the way through Scotland...

Harvest Time – myclimate Publishes the 2013 Annual Report


myclimate today published its annual report for 2013. In terms of the sale of CO2 offsets, myclimate has maintained its growth rate and once again saw...

Achieve More – Consume Less


To significantly reduce Switzerland's ecological footprint BAFU and the newly founded association signed a contract to establish a Swiss...

Climatop Honours New Product – Pely® Bags Save Tonnes of CO2


pely-plastic GmbH specialises in manufacturing bags. climatop calculated that Pely® bags are responsible for fewer CO2 emissions than similar products...

Climate Friendly Alpine Destinations


Strong partners are collaborating in an attempt to embed climate protection in touristic Swiss Alpine destinations. The new initiative is called...

TOPtoTOP update: 70,000 nautical miles completed, only one summit left to conquer and no hurry at all


Tick Denali off the list. A few days ago, Dario Schwörer and Expedition TOPtoTOP reached the highest summit in North America supported by Martin...

Hot Stuff Day in Basel Brings Together Climate-Aware Schoolchildren from Five Countries


Basel, 11 June. 45 teams of school pupils from Kenya, Uganda, Hungary and Switzerland presented potential solutions and projects to encourage...

DRV Annual Conference: One-Third Opt for Climate Protection


The German Travel Association (DRV) is very keen on its spectacular annual conference – as well as on climate protection.

Zeus, LED Headlights and the Future of Biel/Bienne – the Most Creative Projects from myclimate Climate Laboratory 2014


Excitement ripples through the IBM Client Center in Zurich-Altstetten as the winners of myclimate Climate Laboratory 2014 receive their awards. They...

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