Your annual CO₂ budget is limited.

To stop climate change, you need to reduce your CO₂ emissions to 0.6 t per year.
Where do you stand today?

Calculate and offset your CO₂ footprint

One tonne of CO₂ corresponds to the volume of a balloon with a diameter of 9 metres. The average Swiss fills almost 14 of these balloons per year. The CO₂ concentration in the atmosphere rises further and accelerates climate change.

In the Paris Climate Convention, Switzerland has committed itself to limiting global warming to 1.5°C. In order to achieve this goal and thus halt climate change, CO₂ emissions must not exceed 0.6 t per person. This also requires you!

Take over faithfully the slogan avoid, reduce and compensate for responsibility for your CO₂-Fussabdruck.
The main causes of harmful emissions include travel by plane or car, your heating and electricity consumption, and your diet. You can find more information about climate change, myclimate and your personal climate protection options in our FAQs.

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One cooker in Kenya saves

2.6 t

of CO₂ per year

A local beer causes

200 g

of CO₂

A solar cooker in Madagascar saves

3.5 t

of CO₂ per year

A flight from Vienna to Bali emits

2.2 t

of CO₂ per way

A biogas plant in India saves

6 t

of CO₂ per year

Production of a bar of milk chocolate


0.3 kg

of CO₂

One tree in Nicaragua compensates

180 kg

of CO₂ per year

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