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myclimate Performance Programme for print shops and the graphics industry

myclimate offers a comprehensive range of options for the graphics industry. Print shops, packaging producers, bookbinders, and envelope manufacturers can offer their products as climate-neutral and give them the myclimate label «climate-neutral printed matter» or «climate-neutral product». 

One step at a time through the myclimate Performance Programme

1. Analyse

All of your company's CO2-relevant activities and material flows are documented on an annual basis. with the web-based «myclimate smart 3» software supporting efficient and structured data compilation. This software allows you to calculate your carbon footprint and manage the performance of your resources and CO2-relevant activities.

Targeted operational optimisation allows you to deliver major energy and cost savings with short payback times.

2. Avoid/reduce

Individual actions are implemented step-by-step. As well as the annual review of all relevant data (carbon footprint), we also assess actions that have already been realised and the company's development. A benchmark report provides insights into your company's status in the market. At the same time, it is proof of performance and serves as the basis for communicating to end customers.

3. Compensation

... as order-specific compensation
At the customer's request, you can attach the myclimate label «climate-neutral printed matter» or «climate-neutral product» to an order. This means that the emissions related to that specific order (e.g. printed matter) have been compensated. You can use our online booking platform to quickly and easily calculate the emissions related to your individual customer orders and to generate quotes. a climate-neutral print shop
All of your company's unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions are compensated via myclimate climate protection projects. That makes your company and all printed matter produced by you 100 per cent climate-neutral. You also receive the myclimate «climate-neutral print shop» Performance Label and a confirmation to demonstrate your commitment.

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