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Überall entstehen und wachsen globale und lokale Lösungen, um den Klimawandel einzudämmen und dessen Folgen zu mildern. Mit Innovation und Haltung wird weltweit ein nachhaltiger Wandel vorangetrieben und die neue Zeitrechnung eingeläutet. Wir geben den Vorreitern dieses Wandels eine Plattform und werfen mit diesen den Blick auf eine mögliche und grossartige Zukunft.

11. Juni 2020 Edith Aldewereld Gründerin von "Women in Sustainable Finance", Partner bei Sonnenberg Wealth Management AG, Beraterin in Thema Nachhaltiges Anlegen

Beim ersten virtuellen "Cloudtalk" diskutieren wir mit unserem Gast Edith Aldewereld, Gründerin des Netzwerks "Women in Sustainable Finance (WISF)", über die Potenziale nachhaltiger Finanzanlagen.

Link zur Präsentation

21. Januar 2020 Marc Buckley UN SDG Advocate, UN Resilience Futurist, Member of the WEF Expert Network

At the first myclimate "Cloud-Apéro" of the new decade, Marc Buckley, UN SDG Advocate, UN Resilience Futurist and member of the WEF expert network, showed ways to a more sustainable and climate-friendly agriculture.

12. November 2019 Franz Perrez Head of Swiss COP Delegation and Enivronmental Ambassador

Immediately before the start of the COP25 in Madrid, myclimate was able to welcome an absolute insider to the second myclimate "Cloud Apéro" in 2019. Franz Perrez, the head of the Swiss COP delegation, commented in detail on the goals of the conference and the Swiss contribution to it.

14. Mai 2019 Christopher Patrick Peterka Futurist, Cyborg, Entrepreneur and Investor

At myclimate we discussed "sustainability and digitalisation" with Christopher Patrick Peterka. We challenged our guest and discussed to what extent the rapid technological developments will be a help or an obstacle on the way to a sustainable "net-zero society"? What changes are we talking about here? Who is initiating and who is controlling them? Will these developments and innovations help to save our climate?

Patrick Forster & Roland Jenni CEO Forster Group / Co-Founder EquiTable

"Pioneers of change" - this is the theme bracket for the myclimate Cloud Event series in 2018. visionary entrepreneurs and opinion leaders are given a platform here to present their vision and solutions for a sustainable and economically successful future. At the start of the series, Patrick Forster, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Forster Group AG, and Roland Jenni, co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Zurich restaurant EquiTable, discussed sustainability, economic efficiency and innovation in Swiss agriculture and gastronomy with Kai Landwehr from myclimate.

Kathrin Amacker & Patrick Marti SBB Sustainability / CEO mobility

"The biggest lever for clean mobility is to question one's own mobility"
The myclimate Cloud Apéros 2017/18 provide a platform for pioneers of change. With Dr. Kathrin Amacker, Member of the Corporate Executive Board and responsible for sustainability strategy, and Patrick Marti, Managing Director mobility, two pioneers answered René Estermann's questions during the discussion about Swiss mobility in the myclimate Cloud Lounge.

Anton Gunzinger Professor for Computer Architecture at ETH Zürich

In conversation with René Estermann from myclimate, Professor Gunzinger classified the YES to the energy strategy 2050 in terms of its importance and provided solutions for the major energy and climate issues. His conclusion: "We can already take big steps with our current status, we just have to want to. Mobility, energy generation and storage, smart living, it's an El Dorado for engineers".

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