Logistics company Alpensped GmbH as green pioneer

The Alpensped GmbH is in the logistics industry a leader in climate protection and compensated in 2012 400t CO2e supporting the myclimate climate protection project “Solar lightning in rural Ethiopia”. Thus the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of the Administration Department (26.2 t CO2e) became climate neutral.

The corporate philosophy of the Alpensped GmbH, an international logistics company, is based on three elements: the economy, ecology and social responsibility.

Customized green logistics products as the development of a broadcasting-related CO2 footprint are offered by the company. Already in the years 2010 and 2011, the corporate carbon footprint was calculated. Apart from the continuous reduction of harmful discharges and a permanent increase in efficiency also the compensation of resulting GHG emissions was implemented to active environmental protection.

Alpensped's goal for 2013 is to attract more carriers to take over responsibility for their respective GHG emissions resulting from transportation and to compensate theses through myclimate climate protection projects.

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