Company Challenge for Specialist and Management Staff

Target group: Specialist and management staff in companies

The myclimate Company Challenge is a modular educational programme. It enables your specialist and management staff to develop climate protection projects in their working environment. This gives them valuable expertise on climate protection and strengthens your company’s commitment to sustainability.

What does this programme achieve?

Specialist and management staff actively shape the company’s path to the its net-zero target by successfully implementing climate protection solutions in their day-to-day work.

Specific benefits

Specialist and management staff…

…gain in-depth knowledge on climate change and climate protection within the context of the company.

…actively promote sustainable solutions within the company through specific climate protection projects.

…experience self-efficacy and empowerment.

…transfer climate protection ideas and measures into their professional context.

Climate protection is one of the key challenges of sustainable development. It will fundamentally change the economy over the coming years and thus shape the careers of many people. The Company Challenge offers an ideal opportunity to bring together employees from different areas and get them actively involved in climate protection. With the Company Challenge, we are promoting a focus on action that goes beyond the mere transfer of knowledge about climate facts. Instead we encourage employees to take an active role in climate protection themselves.

The core element of the Company Challenge is an interactive training day that generates initial project ideas for subsequent project work. In this way, we ensure that your employees receive the latest and most relevant facts about climate protection in the company, and that they can develop specific solutions for the company through project work. A competition alongside subsequent communication allow the projects to develop additional appeal and inspire others to take part in climate protection.

The problems are big.
But they are solvable.

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