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Climate strategy

With the climate strategy from myclimate, companies can significantly reduce their climate impact and achieve their net zero target in the long term. Our climate strategy consulting is modular and accompanies you step by step on the way to sustainable corporate management. A commitment to climate protection is more than just a responsibility - it is an opportunity to make your company fit for the future. Let's go along this path together. With myclimate at your side, you can be sure of achieving effective and sustainable solutions for your net zero target. 


Climate strategy

What can we do? 

This module offers concrete approaches on how we as individuals, communities and societies can bring about positive change. Discover how we can make a difference through our clothing choices, our energy sources and our daily habits.

Click here for alternatives to lead a more environmentally conscious lifestyle and test your climate knowledge.

Climate knowledge: Module 6

How do we get there? 

In order to achieve the 1.5 degree target and curb global warming, global CO2 emissions must be drastically reduced - but to net zero by when exactly? In this module, we look at the necessary steps and measurable targets required to meet this global challenge. We provide a comprehensive overview of the targets and strategies needed to combat global warming.

Click here to find out more about the current status of climate targets and test your climate knowledge.

Climate knowledge: Module 5

Where do the greenhouse gases come from? 

How are greenhouse gases related to us humans? What about fossil fuels, sources and sinks? What role do methane and nitrous oxide play alongside CO2, which is the main contributor to climate change? This module will not only provide you with answers to these questions, but also deeper insights into the interactions between human activities and the environment. 

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Climate knowledge: Module 4

What does the greenhouse effect do? 

The earth is becoming warmer - but why? Discover in this module how the greenhouse effect has a significant influence on the earth's temperatures and what the increase in greenhouse gases since industrialisation means for our planet.

Click here to find out more about the greenhouse effect and test your climate knowledge.


Climate knowledge: Module 3

What is happening to our climate? 

The constant change in our climate and the increasing warming of the planet represent one of the greatest challenges of our time. In order to understand the complexity of these changes and to be able to act accordingly, it is important to analyse the consequences and global effects of climate change in detail.
Our comprehensive module offers you valuable insights and in-depth knowledge on this topic.

Click here to find out more about the consequences and effects of climate change and test your climate knowledge.

Climate knowledge: Module 2

We make you a climate professional!

In this climate knowledge module, we offer you the opportunity to delve deep into the basics of climate. Learn the differences between weather and climate and understand the crucial role of our atmosphere. Researching and understanding weather and climate is essential to understanding the complex interactions of our planet. This knowledge will enable you to make informed decisions to protect our environment and actively contribute to a sustainable future.

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Climate knowledge: Module 1

Gifting Climate Action

Looking for a sustainable gift?   

With myclimate you can specifically promote climate protection and make a contribution to sustainable development. Choose from various myclimate climate protection projects for CO₂ savings or support our general climate protection work and educational initiatives with a donation.


Gifting Climate Action

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