Review of the first myclimate carbon offset project in Costa Rica

The solar panels on the roof of the business school in Costa Rica produce climate-friendly energy.

In the very first myclimate climate protection project, the business school INCAE in Costa Rica, together with myclimate, replaced a diesel burner for the hot water preparation with two solar-water panels.

This first project was launched at the annual meeting of the AGS (<link - external-link-new-window>Alliance for Global Sustainability</link>) in March 2002, together with the business school Instituto Centroamericano de Administraciòn de Empresas (INCAE). Keen to take action toward sustainability rather than just talk about it, the students of the department of environmental science of the ETH developed a simple flight emissions calculator and asked all participants to offset their emissions with a payment. myclimate was born!

This February, 10 years later, myclimate checked the project thoroughly. The project has saved 29,000 liters of diesel per year. In the kitchen, 35-40 per cent of energy is covered by solar panel, the rest through a gas tank backup. The solar-water panel in the sports facility covers 100 per cent of shower needs with no backup. 562 tonnes of CO₂ have been reduced in the seven years from 2002 until 2009. On top of that, an amount of 1000 Dollars per year have been saved since 2002.



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