Swisscontact Peru – Feasibility study and project development: DEZA EELA, Peru

In 2009 the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) gave Swisscontact the task of carrying out a diagnostic and planning exercise for Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Mexico. The information collected was used to draw up the Latin American Artisanal Brick-makers Program for Energy Efficiency to Mitigate Climate Change (EELA). In January 2010 SDC approved the EELA programme and entrusted Swisscontact with its implementation. 

In 2012, SDC approved additional funds for a Programme of Activities (PoA) in Peru for the carbon market and Swisscontact agreed to work with myclimate in the evaluation of the feasibility and the development of the EELA programme in the carbon market.

Feasibility study and carbon development

myclimate conducted the feasibility study of the EELA Programme to define the best option for development in the carbon market (in terms of market modality, methodology, financial issues). After the feasibility study, myclimate managed the whole carbon development of the PoA until the EELA Programme got listed in the Gold Standard registry. For this, myclimate conducted all relevant procedures such as the baseline study, monitoring plan and the Gold Standard documentation. myclimate prepared five official documents: The Programme Design Document (Peru and Ecuador) (PDD), the VPA Design Document for VPA 1 – Cusco, Peru, the Design Consultation Report (Peru and Ecuador), the Local Stakeholder Consultation Report (VPA 1- Cusco) and the Emission Reduction Calculation. In April, 30th 2014 the project was successfully listed with the Gold Standard.

Communication of the activities

myclimate actively promoted the EELA programme as an innovate activity in the brick producing sector that promote the emission reduction of GHG and also have positive social, environmental and economical impacts in their scope. The programme was honored as one of nine Lighthouse Activities at the 2012 UN climate conference in Doha. The secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) recognized the project as Lighthouse Activity in recognition of their efforts to combat climate change and support local populations. 

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