Gold-ERZ - the environmentally and economically sensible option for businesses


Switzerland is stepping up its efforts to achieve its climate targets, which means new challenges, especially for companies in energy-intensive industry. myclimate offers products and expertise to overcome these challenges.

Pioneers wanted!


6800 pupils - that's a great number, but nowhere near enough. Together with our partners Swisscom and Solar Impulse, we are looking for still more teachers and school classes to become actively enthusiastic as pioneers for climate protection.

Soulfood? Slowfood? Solfood!


Cooking with the help of the sun. Good for the health and the family purse for people in Bolivia and Paraguay; stress-free and inspirational for us. A special recipe book...

AirPlus rolls out first ecofriendly financial service


Even in the area of financial services, there is great potential for sustainable products. With its new product, credit card provider Airplus demonstrates how this can be achieved.

myclimate awards cutting-edge tourism and mobility companies


That idyllic weekend in the Swiss Alps, a Berlin bus trip, a car rental in Paris, or an overnight stay with easygoing fellow-travellers in Bangkok – all of these options can be provided in a climate neutral way by innovative companies – and if that...

Paper, heat and biomass - how industrial innovation makes everyone a winner


The myclimate carbon offset project impressively shows the combination of innovative technology with environmental thinking. Specific beneficiaries are a paper mill in Brazil, the local population, and the environment.

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