A new online home for myclimate Audio Adventures


Four new myclimate listening experiences have been launched this year. Most of them can also be experienced in the winter. Thanks to the new – and in our opinion very successful – online debut, you can stay home and get a nice impression of the...

Award-winning, environmentally friendly innovation: Solar fuel made from biomass waste


What effect do kerosene and ethanol produced from biomass have on the climate? How environmentally friendly is the production? The innovative company SUNBIOTEC has posed these questions and, with myclimate’s help, can answer positively.

Takataka - what is going on in the myclimate grant project?


To celebrate its 10-year anniversary, myclimate has provided 100,000 euros to support three climate protection projects, which are either very small or at a very early stage of development. In Nairobi, Kenya, myclimate is cooperating with the "Takatak...

"ONE SECOND" art installation – the Arctic melt in Munich


If the city of Munich were made of ice, it would disappear in less than 18 hours. And before all you football fans become indignant, it's just an arithmetic game! But anyone who wants to see how much Arctic ice melts in just one second should pay a...

A climate-friendly snowboarding and skiing film? STEPS shows how it's done.


Wooohooo - Snowboarders and Free-skiers are once again starting to browse through YouTube or countless other sites for the season's latest films. Spectacular though they may be, these productions are anything but climate friendly. But there is an...

The power of diversity – our LOMEs pay a visit to Zurich


Three new members of staff and one seasoned employee from Africa and South America paid us a visit. Our team in Zurich and the new colleagues had a great time getting to know each other. So we asked ourselves: why shouldn't our four new myclimatees...

Climate-neutral IT provider trantec reduces emissions by 10%


In September 2012 transtec CEO Hans-Jürgen Bahde promised: "In the next few years we plan to make significant changes to reduce CO2 emissions, and will document the results every year in our annual report."

One year later this vision became true....

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