Climatop Honours New Product – Pely® Bags Save Tonnes of CO₂

pely-plastic GmbH specialises in manufacturing bags. climatop calculated that Pely® bags are responsible for fewer CO₂ emissions than similar products thanks to an efficient manufacturing process.

Pely, rubbish bags, climatop

Pely® bags are responsible for fewer greenhouse gas emissions than similar products

So the Pely® – a family-run business in Northern Germany – range of bags – including various shapes and sizes of cosmetics bags, rubbish bags with and without handles, bags with drawstrings and breakfast bags – has been acknowledged as climate friendly and granted the climatop “approved” label.

Climate friendly products are awarded the climatop label if they generate significantly less CO₂ throughout their entire lifecycle as measured against a group of similar products. climatop is a non-profit organisation established by myclimate and the Eco-Centre Langenbruck in 2008.

Pely® bags received their label based on a lifecycle analysis carried out by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU). Pely® bags were compared against similar bags as well as bags made of recycled polyethylene. Lifecycle analysis revealed that Pely® bags scored 25% higher than typical bags available on the market. Pely® bags also significantly beat the average value for carrier bags made of recycled PE. These results are mainly due to effective production and short transport routes. The minimal thickness of these bags also means that fewer primary materials are consumed.

About 200 million packs of bags are sold every year in Germany. If all these rubbish bags would be supplied by Pely ®, the impact for the environment would be enormous. Highly conservative calculations show that the efficient Pely® rubbish bags save around 30,000 tonnes CO₂ per year! That’s the equivalent of 10,000 flights from Madrid to Rio de Janeiro (return).

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