Innovative projects rewarded and anniversary year celebrated

The Energy and Climate Workshop, the countrywide myclimate educational competition for students, is celebrating the awards for the best projects of the past year at the eco2friendly Days in the KKL in Lucerne. In addition being commended on their achievements, each of the five winning teams received a cash prize of 1,000 Swiss francs.

Winners of 2016's Energy and Climate Laboratory

This year, the Energy and Climate Workshop offered a very special stage to the prizewinners. 600 guests attended the eco2friendly Day at the KKL in Lucerne in the context of cooperation with the "eco2friendly" electricity efficiency programme.

The first prize in the Energy category went to Jonathan Ritter, Candy Stettler and Florend Aljimi, apprentice bakers in their second year at BBZ Biel, for their “Achieving savings in a bakery with LEDS”. In the Innovation category, the IT quartet of Nicolas Schäfli, Nicolas Märchy, Nicola Streit and Tobias Lüscherm, all in their third year at the GIBB in Bern, submitted a very convincing project. They have created the “IntelliPlug”, an intelligent in-line switch intended to reduce the power consumption of devices in standby mode.

Jasmin Meier and Yasmin Bösiger, KV apprentices from Winterthur, received the first prize for their “Every day counts - small actions - big results” awareness project. They have shown more than 5000 students how to have a major effect through minor actions. Icaro Oliveira de Souza, Timon Fröhlich and Felicia Larcher, all apprentice chefs in the KZU Health and Care centre of excellence in Bassersdorf/Embrach, were also pleased to receive the main prize in the Planning category. Their “Vegi days at the KZU” project is intended to reduce CO₂ emissions and be kind to the environment through targeted avoidance of meat throughout the KZU's entire food offering. Previously-selected public favourites Julia Sebastiao, Melanie Arias Gabian, Claudia Krapf, all specialists in Health and/or Home Economics (1st/2nd year), are studying at the KZU. Their “Bio-Garden” project proved convincing thanks its comprehensive approach to providing information about CO₂ emissions using their own crops in three raised beds while motivating locals to help them in the garden.

The myclimate Energy and Climate Workshop is a national project competition for all those in education or training. To date, 679 projects from more than 7,600 applicants have been put into practice. It will be celebrating its 10th year anniversary during the next school year.

This Switzerland-wide project would be impossible without professional and financial support from different sources. This year, support was provided by EnergieSchweiz, Griesser Storen, Cembra MoneyBank, AXA Winterthur, SV Hotel and SBB Cargo.

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