myclimate partner profile Swisscom: Together for more sustainability.

We are pleased to present the involvement of Swisscom, long-term myclimate partner. They believe in a future where everyone treats resources with care. Swisscom wants to take responsibility: for the environment, society and the economy.

Swisscom, Wankdorf, Efficiency

The most up-to-date data centre in Switzerland belongs to Swisscom, is located in Wankdorf and achieves global record figures in the area of energy efficiency.

“We as a company have set ourselves ambitious goals for 2020 and thus set the course for the future,” says Res Witschi (Head of Corporate Responsibility at Swisscom). “Together for more sustainability – this is our call to employees, partners and not least our customers to get involved with us,” continues Res Witschi. Based on numerous meetings with a wide variety of stakeholders, the Swisscom sustainability strategy has been put together, setting out six binding goals which Swisscom aims to achieve in Switzerland by 2020 in the areas of climate protection, work and life, media competence, as an employer, in the supply chain and as a network provider.

Using Resources Efficiently

In the area of climate protection, together with its customers Swisscom aims to save twice as much CO₂ as is produced as a result of all of its operations including the supply chain, by 2020. The solutions range from avoiding commuting by using a home office right through to the new TV box which uses 40 percent less electricity than the previous model. In order to achieve the climate protection goal, Swisscom depends on the support of reliable partners. Thanks to the carbon footprint analysis by Swisscom and myclimate, customers can recognise climate-friendly products and services at first glance. In comparison to similar products, labelled products have considerably reduced overall CO₂ emissions throughout their entire life cycle - from production to disposal.

Looking for the Energy and Climate Pioneers of Tomorrow

Along with myclimate and Solar Impulse, in 2010 Swisscom launched the energy and climate pioneer initiative. Since then well over 12,000 students have been reached with free inspirational lessons, and over 550 projects which contribute to the sustainable use of energy and the protection of the climate have been implemented. At a large climate festival the pioneers of tomorrow will be given awards by Solar Impulse pilot and sponsor of the initiative, Bertrand Piccard.

3-2-1 We can get Involved Together

Small changes can have a big effect, if lots of people work together. This is demonstrated by the Swisscom tips “Working together to achieve great things”. If, for example, all Swisscom customers were to switch to paperless billing, a mountain of paper 8 kilometres high could be saved each year. The “together” here represents the belief that each individual can make a contribution and that together we can achieve great things.

Swisscom data center Wankdorf

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