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Game Changing Climate Activities

  • Mobisol Boy studying at nightThe solar sourced electricity allows children to do their school work even in the evening hours.
  • Mobisol Technicans installingLocal trained technicans install the solar panels on the rooftops of houses and huts.
  • Mobisol Marketing PresentationLocal advertising for the solar home systems reaches also people in rural areas.
  • Mastula NankanjaMastula, mother of four children, runs a local food place: «For every meal I serve, I also serve a cup of safe water from the Solvatten for free. This has increased my business and within a few months I have gone from 50 meals to 70-100 meals per day.»
  • Mastula NankanjaAn example of a water treatment device is a solar UV purification unit, called Solvatten. One Solvatten unit placed in the sun for 2-6 hours can produce 11-44 litres drinking water per day.


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