Products with climatop label

The «climatop» label certifies products and services that generate significantly less greenhouse gas than comparable products.

ElectronicsLGE WaschmaschineModell Nr. F14A8QDSLG Electronics Inc Factsheet Review
Household ArticlesMiobrill WoodenMiobrill WoodenMigros Factsheet Review
Prefabricated PartsMixing Nozzles with Saving Functionflow rate up to 7.5 l/minMigros Factsheet Review
ElectronicsNimH BatteriesrecharchableMigros Factsheet Review
ElectronicsPaperWise-Copy PaperCopy PaperPacovis AG Factsheet
Gardening AccessoriesPotting Soil for Balcony and HerbsWithout Peat (Formulation 184)Ricoter Erdaufbereitung AG Factsheet Review
Household ArticlesPotting Soil for FlowersWithout Peat (Formulation 105) 5 L, 15 L and 40Ricoter Erdaufbereitung AG Factsheet Review
Gardening AccessoriesPotting Soil for Flowers and Gardenplantswithout Peat 5, 10, 20 and 40 litresMigros Factsheet Review

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