Target group: VET students in building technology and VET teachers

Offer: Pilot competition on the topic Smart Energy Management and VET teacher training on developing sustainable business models

From January to April 2020 the first Energyducation competition for VET students in Europe takes place. The challenge is to develop innovative product or system solutions for a school building using Smart Energy techniques. The Students develop their own Sustainable Business Model, present it in a video, and get the chance to exchange ideas with students from other countries. The competition is a part of the international project Energyducation – Exploring Smart Energy Management.

In addition, there will be free teacher training courses in Switzerland in autumn 2020 on the teaching materials developed for the competition. These will introduce teachers to strategies to support the process from developing ideas to creating a sustainable business model using canvases.


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Energyducation – an international project

The new-generation information technologies such as the Internet of Things, robotics, and smart connected objects open new horizons for industry and the energy markets. VET providers have to get in line with the new technical competencies required by the smart energy sector and in specifically of energy management. VET providers from 6 different countries collaborate on this project.

Outputs of the project:

  • An Open Online Course (MOOC) for VET students to train them in the necessary digital competences required for the job profile of a “smart” energy manager
  • Piloting of the MOOC with students and implement student projects
  • An Open Online Course to train VET teachers/providers in ECVET principles
  • A handbook for teachers on project based learning methodology
  • A student competition among participating VET schools
  • Transnational exchange between the participating students, teachers and organisation


Want to know more about the competition?

Schools from Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland take part in this pilot project. The participating classes train in technical fields of study where Smart Energy is relevant (engineers in building services, electricity or machinery as well as light, heating and cooling technicians).

The students have the chance to exchange with a class from another country. In online meetings, the students get to know each other, talk about their innovative products or solutions and receive feedback from their partner teams. This encourages English and presentation skills and is an opportunity to connect with foreign young professionals in the same field of work.

The competition is an excellent opportunity for participating VET students to:

  • apply smart energy management knowledge to an interesting problem
  • practice business skills for sustainability
  • improve English skills
  • enjoy international cooperation and cultural exchange


What do the best ideas win?

The winning teams go on a study visit to Germany. This six-day trip includes a workshop at the passive house institute in Darmstadt and excursions to passive buildings in Karlsruhe, Frankfurt and Heidelberg. Students can enjoy a balanced programme, including free time and cultural and social activities. Last but not least, we hope that the winners will not only go on a fun and interesting trip but also make some friends along the way!


Interested to see the results?

Have a look at the student ideas presented on this website as of Mai 2020!

Winners of the competition



The competition of the pilot Energyducation, designed and implemented by myclimate, is financially supported by Movetia - Exchange and Mobility. The overall project Energyducation involves six other European partner schools and organisations and is financed by ERASMUS+.

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