Saving hot Water in Households (Switzerland)

Project type: Energy Efficiency , Water (Purification & Saving)

Project location: canton Lucerne

Project status: Completed, credits available

Annual CO₂ reduction: 1,231 t

myclimate's support for the Lucerne campaign "My Climate Day" enabled members of the public to buy 6,500 water saving kits at a special offer price of 10 francs instead of the usual 29.50 francs. These kits will enable a local reduction of some 9,477 tonnes of CO₂ over ten years.

For private households, water saving kits provide one of the most economical and efficient ways of effecting CO₂ reductions. These kits, supplied by Neoperl, consist of two flow rate reducers for taps as well as a water saving valve for showerheads that will result in water savings of about 45 percent. This will reduce the annual energy consumption for hot water heating by almost half. 

In Switzerland 61 percent of the hot water is heated using fossil fuels. Reducing water consumption therefore also results in lower CO₂ emissions. These kits will not only benefit our climate but they are also light on the wallet, and will enable the average family of four to save hundreds of francs in energy costs every year. The water saving kits are already being sold in some Lucerne communities at the reduced price. Through discussions and advice at the point of sale, members of the public are informed as to which simple compensation measures they can take. Seven special promotion days were held in 2009. The project was also promoted in magazines and in companies.

The project will be monitored so that the exact CO₂ savings can be calculated. Only kits that are correctly installed in homes with fossil fuel heating will be included in the CO₂ calculations.

Situation without project

More use of water in the household

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