Project development and evaluation

myclimate has always taken on a pioneering role. The first climate protection project in the world to generate Gold Standard certificates was a myclimate project. Furthermore, the first Gold Standard «Programme of Activities» in the world was also a myclimate project. Since 2007, myclimate has been developing high quality climate protection projects in Switzerland, and is therefore also a pioneer in this area.

Project development

myclimate can provide customised modules for the certification of climate protection projects in accordance with Gold Standard, CDM, and Plan Vivo (forestry projects). These modules include the entire project development process, from the project idea through to the issue of CO₂ certificates. From the due diligence assessment to feasibility studies, through to risk analysis, we remain in close contact with the project owner and work out a successful financing model for the project. We then work closely with the project participants, developing the project from the first drafts through to the issue of the emissions reduction certificates. This process includes the further development of an idea for a project design (project design document), the project validation and registration, the monitoring and verification, and the issue of emissions reduction certificates in accordance with Gold Standard, CDM, or Plan Vivo. 

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Project evaluation

myclimate evaluates project ideas with regard to approval criteria for certification in accordance with Gold Standard, CDM and Plan Vivo, determines the most suitable method for calculating the reductions of emissions, and analyses the potential for reductions in the projects. The results from this analysis provide the information necessary to decide whether and how a project can be certified under a specific standard.

In the due diligence assessment, myclimate carries out an evaluation of the project in its entirety. We point out the various risks with regard to concept, project environment, legal framework conditions, and sustainability, and we recommend appropriate measures for minimising the risks.

Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) are the key components for evaluating the project performance and the success of the project. Based on the most rigorous international standards in carbon offsetting and drawing on more than ten years of experience, myclimate develops a holistic, customised MRV system for climate protection projects.

  • Would you like to know whether your project fulfils the strict criteria of Gold Standard, CDM or Plan Vivo?
  • Do you want to find out the potential for reduction of CO₂ in your project?
  • Would you like to have a reliable Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) system for your project activities?

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