Carbon Offset Projects in Switzerland

With our high-quality domestic projects, we are a driving force for quantifiable climate protection in Switzerland. Our carbon offset projects cover the areas of renewable energies, energy efficiency, nature, mobility and agriculture and they contribute to sustainable development.

A basic distinction is made between mandatory and voluntary offsetting. We apply our rigorous quality criteria and high standards both in the mandatory market and in voluntary offsetting. These include attestations according to Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)/Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) guidelines as well as emissions reductions that are registered by myclimate (myclimate CH VER).


Mandatory CO2 market (FOEN registered)

Since 2013 and in all likelihood until the end of 2030, the revised CO₂ Act requires fuel importers in Switzerland to enact offsetting measures. They are required to domestically offset a portion of the CO₂ emissions generated by transport fuel with emissions reduction attestations. The FOEN is the enforcement authority for CO2 regulations. It approves and registers projects and issues CO2 attestations.


Voluntary CO2 market (CH VER)

Our portfolio also offers numerous projects in Switzerland for voluntary offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions for individuals and companies.


Below you will find a list of all myclimate carbon offset projects in Switzerland for your private or business offsetting in the voluntary and mandatory CO2 markets:

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