Energy Efficiency helps Brick Producers

Project type: Energy Efficiency

Project location: Cusco, Peru

Annual CO₂ reduction: 60,000 – 80,000 t per year (over 10 years)

This climate protection project aims to install fans in existing kilns and new efficient kilns in the artisanal brick-producing sector of Peru and Ecuador, starting with a first pilot in Cusco, Peru and replicating it to other regions in Peru and to Ecuador. Installing new improved kilns will generate CO2 emission reductions, because the brick producers will use less fuelwood to generate the same amount of energy. In addition, this program will help reduce deforestation, reduce air pollution, transfer new and improved technology and improve the quality of life of the brick producers. myclimate has supported the project owner Swisscontact Peru in designing the PoA.

This planned climate protection project – a so called Program of Acitivity (PoA) – involves the introduction of energy efficiency measures like fans in traditional ovens and also the displacement of traditional kilns with high-efficiency kilns which include both an improved kiln and an improved ventilation (fan) system. The introduction of this technological package can generate fuel savings (primarily wood) and emission reductions of up to fifty per cent. It is expected that approximately eighty per cent of the 194 brick owners in the first Project Activity (San Jerónimo, Cusco) will change to the new technology developed and tested by Swisscontact, which could potentially generate 10,000 emission reductions per year. The model implemented in this first Project Activity will be replicated by the PoA to other brick-producing regions in Peru and also to brick-producing clusters in Ecuador. It has a potential of generating in total a minimum of 60,000 to 80,0000 emission reductions per year.

This Programme of Activities will generate multiple sustainable development benefits for the brick producers and communities of Cusco and other regions of Peru, including improvement and strengthening of the business model of the brick producers by helping them become formal entities and implement internal accounting systems; improvement of the quality of life of the brick producers through the generation of new income sources, improvement of the conditions of their working environment, and better health conditions.

This EELA Program (Energy Efficiency at Artisan Brick Producers to Mitigate Climate Change) is financed by SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation) and executed by Swisscontact. This project is still in the development phase. myclimate has designed the EELA PoA so that it can participate in the voluntary carbon market and generate additional income for the artisanal brick makers to facilitate their technological transformation.

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