Junior Expert Circular Economy

Target group: School graduates

The circular economy is considered one of the most important levers for getting a grip on the growing global demand for resources and on the CO₂ intensity. The sensitivity of the markets and political regulations for more environmental and climate protection as well as a rethinking of global supply chains are also generating a high demand for expert knowledge among companies.

Together with partners from Italy, Finland and Estonia, myclimate is developing a pilot course for "junior experts in the circular economy". The two Swiss associations swisscleantech and öbu have pledged their support, and several companies are offering the course participants two-month internships. 

The one-year, tuition-free course is aimed at school graduates from the four partner countries, who will be prepared for the requirements of the circular economy in a practical way. A bridge is built between technical know-how, business knowledge and creative thinking. The ultimate goal is to provide participants with attractive training and offer them to the business community as "Junior Experts Circular Economy" to start or further develop circular concepts.

The course started in January 2021 and includes 480 hours in the online classroom, a three-month internship and a final phase with examination in Ferrara/ Italy. Participants are 25 school-leavers (at least IV EQF level: Matura/vocational apprenticeship) from Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Germany and Estonia between 18 and 25 years of age. The working language is English.

Various experts teach on topics related to the analysis, evaluation and improvement of manufacturing processes, impact assessment methods, total quality management for environmental sustainability, ISO standards, entrepreneurship and digital competences. 

As "junior experts in circular economy", graduates will be able to...

  • ...understand the ecosystem impacts of business performance and guide the implementation and promotion of environmental and energy conservation strategies.
  • ...understand corporate quality systems and quality control of products and processes.
  • ...to play the role of a facilitator for process innovations related to the circular economy.
  • ...to describe the potential and opportunities of the circular economy to contribute to sustainable development.
  • ...contribute to the optimisation of processes, products and services in terms of their circularity.
  • ...evaluate industrial processes and products in relation to their life cycle in order to reduce their environmental impact.
  • ...apply project management tools, especially in relation to projects and interventions that increase the sustainability of industrial processes.

Graduates obtain a recognised diploma of "Higher Technician Certificate". The accreditation according to the Italian IFTS standard also allows transfer to the Swiss VET system in the medium term.

Further information can be found here.

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