How It Works

Two weeks. 25 participants. Experienced experts and lecturers. Innovative methods and tools. While students and young professionals from all fields and countries are creating fresh solutions for local sustainability challenges, they build up skills and mindsets for their professional future.

Making Sustainability Work

YES Impact Labs are two week international micro think tanks for the best talents of the young generation. 25-35 open-minded thinkers and providers of inspiration, mostly graduates and young professionals, receive a training on entrepreneurship to work on their own business cases. Together with experts from practice and academia as well as stakeholders, they work on hands-on-cases and create innovative solutions for sustainability challenges.


Lifting Global Intelligence

YES Impact Labs aim at lifting real global intelligence to gain fresh ideas which go beyond the conventional wisdom of the OECD world. A high degree of innovation is reached by internationality and interdisciplinarity. To achieve high diversity, participants from all fields and countries are invited, regardless of their social or professional status. In order to avoid biases and to work with a team of real innovators, merit-based scholarships are offered.


Providing Shared-Value Outcomes

YES Impact Labs enable all participants, partners and involved stakeholders to take part in sustainable development. The main outcome for participants is a growth in skills, improving their professional career. Partners gain product, service and process ideas for their sustainable ventures and, depending on the chosen lab model, a low-threshold market access with replicable and scalable pilot projects or a boost in competitiveness by showcasing new reference projects.


Combining Powerful Drivers

YES Impact Labs address the fundamentals of sustainable development, combining the power of capacity building and know-how transfer with the leverage of pilot projects and technology transfer. By raising the individual, economic and societal implementation capabilities for sustainable development and by demonstrating the feasibility and replication potential of sustainable solutions, necessary support for a sustainable shift is given.

Why Apply?

Do you think there is too much talk and too little action when it comes to sustainability? Do you wonder how to make sustainability work in developing and emerging countries?

Your Benefits as Participant:

  • Acquire special knowledge and gain new skills
  • Learn how to professionally make sustainability work
  • Receive a certificate and ECTS credits
  • Work on the whole cycle of project development

Stay informed!