Who produces CO₂ emissions?

Around 84% of all human-caused CO₂ emissions are created in electricity and heat production, agriculture, industry and transport.

In 2014, China was by far the largest producer of CO₂ with approx. 10 billion tonnes of CO₂. Behind China were the USA with approx. 5.5 billion tonnes of CO₂, the EU with approx. 4 billion and India with approx. 2.6 billion. Switzerland is in 67th place worldwide with 40 million tonnes of CO₂ per year. Qatar is at the top of the list with 40 tonnes of CO₂ emissions per person. Switzerland generates approx. 5 tonnes of CO₂ emissions per capita. In comparison, the IPCC’s 2014 report estimates that emissions must be reduced to 1-2 tonnes of CO₂ per capita if climate change is to be at all manageable. Other modes of measurement result in other national average CO₂ emissions. For instance, CO₂ emissions caused by imported goods are often not included. Otherwise, Switzerland’s emissions would be much higher. 

Sources: IPCC 2014 Arbeitsbericht III; globalcarbonatlas.org; IPCC 2014 Syntheseband

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