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2000 Watt, bicycle networks, climate protection and urban gardens

myclimate Audio Adventure Basel is starting just in time for the Basel Environment Days. As of 6 June, all of Basel will get to enjoy the informative and entertaining tour. Bettina Dieterle and Dani von Wattenwyl will provide a local flavour as speakers.

The overriding theme of myclimate Audio Adventure is the <link http: external-link external link in current>2000 watt society, since Basel is taking <link http: wiki external-link external link in current>a pioneer's role with this trendsetting concept. After the tour, participants can use their newly-acquired knowledge to solve a puzzle and win attractive prizes in the process. The audio experience in Basel includes three stories for different age groups:

  • "2000 Watt, bicycle networks and urban gardens" informs and entertains adults with information and anecdotes that otherwise remain hidden from tourists and locals
  • the story for youth as of 11 years old called "Bettina and Dani: Two climate friends in Basel" shows Basel and the diverse climate involvement of the city through the eyes of the two main speakers
  • "Lisa and the Penguin" for children from five years old and up has an animal protagonist. A small penguin runs away from the Basler Zolli to see the world. In the process, he meets a little girl called Lisa, who takes him on a bicycle to show him her city.

The ca. two and a half hour tour starts in the railway station concourse. The route takes visitors to a total of eleven stations, past the most beautiful squares and into the middle of interesting districts. The thematic bandwidth ranges from bicycle trips and bicycle networks, continues with regional food and vegan burgers up to modern urban planning and sustainable district management.

Audio Adventure live at the Basel Environmental Days

The audio experience will be presented to the public on Saturday June 6th. myclimate experts will offer free live tours from 10am to 4pm starting at the Schifflände (pier). As of June 4, the individual episodes can also be downloaded from <link http: audio-adventures basel external-link external link in current>the Website to a smartphone or tablet. The eleventh <link http: audio-adventures overview external-link external link in current>myclimate Audio Adventure will be spoken by the well-known Basel actors and moderators Bettina Dieterle and Dani von Wattenwyl.

myclimate Audio Adventure is made possible by the main sponsor <link http: external-link external link in current>Danone as well as partners, i.e. the <link http: external-link external link in current>environment and energy department of the canton of Basel-Town (AUE), <link http: external-link external link in current>IWB, the <link http: external-link external link in current>Christoph Merian Foundation and  <link http: en external-link external link in current>Basel Tourism.

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