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Collaboration with Fleurop

Thanks to the new collaboration between myclimate and Fleurop AG, customers can order a bouquet climate-neutrally for € 1.20 on CO₂ emissions that occur during production and transport are offset in carbon offset projects from myclimate.

In almost every country in the world, giving flowers is considered one of the most beautiful ways to express feelings and to bring another person joy. Yet very few people think about the global division of labour that lies behind such an action. Last year, about 165,000 tonnes of cut flowers were imported in to Germany. Many of these flowers were imported over large distances from faraway countries such as Kenya, Colombia or Ecuador. The emissions of hazardous substances connected with this are enormous; with transport by air particularly causing an increasing burden on the environment. Yet the energy consumption starts even before that: Already the cultivation of cut flowers in hothouses demands a large quantity of energy for illumination, heating and water supply. Thanks to the collaboration of myclimate and Fleurop AG, it is now possible to mix business with pleasure. As of August this year, Fleurop offers customers the option to order a bouquet climate-neutrally for a surcharge of € 1.20 at With this surcharge, the emissions that occur during production and transport can be saved in a climate protection project by myclimate. These projects reduce emissions by promoting renewable energies and energy efficiency. Fleurop AG has its headquarters in Berlin. Almost 100 years ago, in 1908, the florist Max Hübner from Berlin had an idea: it is not the flowers which should travel, but the orders should be sent to dependable local flower shops - the Fleurop idea was born. Today, approximately 50,000 florist partners in 150 countries around the world form the global Fleurop network. The Fleurop principle applies worldwide: Every Fleurop greeting is made exclusively by professional florists by hand and delivered personally to the recipient. Worldwide, the Fleurop partners deliver over 25 million Fleurop greetings each year.

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