‘Carbon Neutral Shop’ by UNILEVER


Unilever has taken essential steps towards sustainability. As a part of their corporate strategy, Unilever has decided to calculate then offset the carbon footprint of ‘Green Point’ which is located at their headquarters in Istanbul. myclimate Türkiye provides Unilever with further assistance to calculate the shop’s carbon footprint.  myclimate projects will be utilized to offset the carbon footprint.

‘Green Point’ is a Unilever shop where the most ecofriendly Unilever goods are sold. ‘Green Point: Unilever Shop’ is the very first carbon neutral shop in Turkey by which Unilever strengths its pioneer position in fighting climate change.

Unilever has been reported that ‘Carbon Neutral Shop’ will be maintained throughout 2013. Unilever and myclimate Türkiye have taken an important step jointly towards controlling climate change, protecting environment and setting targets in order for creating a more sustainable future. 


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