myclimate is looking for Technology Partners – Pioneering Pilot Project for Swiss Cleantech Provider in Iran

myclimate is looking for innovative providers in Switzerland who, as technology partners, want to contribute their sustainable solution in the context of a pilot project, financed by the Swiss government via the REPIC platform. The project aims to develop a tourist facility on the Caspian Sea in Iran into a "Green Eco Village". Interested companies have an opportunity to create a reference project in Iran and develop promising local contacts. The implementation of the solution and its impact will be analysed and assessed in a YES Impact Lab by a group of international junior students and young professionals.

YES; Iran; Terchnology Partnership; REPIC

"The Ahuan Tourist Complex", close to the Caspian Sea

myclimate implemented the first YES Impact Lab in Iran, together with Amirkabir University of Technology and the Tejarat Bank, in December 2016. The new project provides a specific case study for participants in the coming YES Iran Labs. These 30 or so students and young professionals from a wide variety of countries, cultural backgrounds, disciplines and sectors will make a contribution to the development, assessment and expansion of the pilot project and develop replication opportunities.

"Ahuan Tourist Complex" case study: From ageing seaside resort to "Green Eco Village"

The location of the project for the cleantech pilot is near Chaboksar on the Caspian Sea. Here there is a holiday resort, whose technical standard is significantly lagging behind the general development. The aim of the pilot project is not primarily to modernise the entire resort but is to present scalable country-wide solutions which will contribute to the development of "Green Eco Villages" or can be transferred to other commercial facilities.

In the context of the project, nine areas of intervention have been identified in advance. The solutions themselves, their technologies (products or services) and the scope of the pilot projects are still to be determined. The individual areas of intervention, for which solutions may be submitted, are: the hotel industry and catering, operation and management, waste and recycling, renewable energies, water treatment, heating and cooling, resource efficiency, redevelopment, as well as control and automation.

A hot-spot analysis is currently being carried out on the ground, to define the framework conditions of the pilot project. The assessment is oriented towards the anticipated effect, the costs and the possibility to further expand the solution approaches on a large scale. Areas for improvement, the types of technologies and the scope of the installations will be determined in spring 2018. On this basis, the most useful cleantech solutions will then be selected together with the respective technology partners.

Interested solution providers can still contact the responsible myclimate project manager, Florian Strasser, until 31 March.

About YES

YES Labs goes beyond purely transferring knowledge. They are interactive and serve to bring together participants from a variety of cultural and social backgrounds. In intensive fortnight-long Impact Labs, students, graduates and experts develop answers to questions concerning the challenges of sustainability using both theory and practice. These questions are put forward by local partners (universities, businesses, organisations).

Participants from all sectors and countries come together and develop appropriate solutions in an interdisciplinary, intercultural and practical setting. At the same time, a global network is being created that encourages lively exchange beyond the individual courses and promotes sustainable development worldwide. 

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