Two myclimate projects and their immediate impact in rural Kenya

Efficient stoves change the lives of hundrets of families in rural Kenya. Check out how and why!

Families in Kenya now have to gather less firewood thanks to efficient, locally made cookers. These cookers specifically help them protect the country’s unique vegetation and biodiversity, too.

myclimate employees recently visited two cooker projects and recorded their impressions on video. The two films on the Siaya and Kakamega projects vividly show how the cookers significantly improved the families’ day-to-day lives while reducing CO₂ emissions.

Families in rural Kenya generally cook on traditional three-stone stoves, which requires the women to spend an average of 15 hours a week collecting firewood. The new cookers burn wood far more cleanly and efficiently. That means that women and children are directly exposed to much less smoke.

Since less firewood is needed, the women can devote more time to other important things. Lower wood consumption reduces CO₂ emissions, too.

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