Who is myclimate?

The international initiative with its Swiss roots, belongs to the global leaders in voluntary quality compensation measures. With projects of the highest quality, myclimate promotes quantifiable climate protection and long-​lasting development worldwide. Through these projects, emissions are reduced by replacing fossil fuel sources with renewable energies and by implementing energy-​efficient technologies.

Through our interactive and action-​oriented educational programmes, myclimate encourages everyone to make a contribution towards our future. With this goal over 20,000 pupils and more than 8,000 apprentices have been reached in Switzerland and a worldwide network of 1,600 students and young professionals has been established.

Moreover the foundation offers consultancy on integrated climate protection with tangible added value. myclimate provides this through analyses, IT solutions, labels and resource management. Services range from simple carbon footprints for businesses over sophisticated product life cycle assessments (LCA) to performance management.

Its clients include large, medium and small businesses, public administrations, non-​profit organisations, event organisers and private individuals. Through its partner organisations myclimate is represented in other countries as well.

What happens to the money?

myclimate supports climate protection projects on a service-​specific basis. Only emissions reductions that have actually been realised and can be proven over a longer contract term of 7 to 14 years are accounted for in energy projects. Compensation payments are normally paid out to the supported projects once reductions are realised. The actual contribution amount depends on the volume of climate-​impacting emissions saved. Forestry projects are slightly different in that their timelines naturally stretch over a longer span of 30 to 50 years.

myclimate guarantees its customers that emission reductions achieved (= climate donations) through energy projects will be realised at the latest within two years in climate protection projects and will be retired after a maximum of three years. Carbon storage in forests occurs within 10 to 30 years, depending on the project region and tree species. There are comprehensive, special mechanisms in place to monitor the reductions achieved in forestry.

What projects does myclimate support?

myclimate supports projects that use renewable energies, realise energy efficiency measures and cut methane emissions, as well as reforestation and new forest initiatives that reduce the pressure on forests and biodiversity «hot spots». Climate protection projects result in lower CO₂ emissions whilst contributing significantly to sustainable development in the region.

Projects in developing and emerging countries are CER and VER projects. These are reviewed by one body recognised by the United Nations and other independent bodies. All energy-​related climate protection projects are tested against Gold Standard criteria. Since myclimate believes that fulfilling the specifications as per this standard is only the minimum requirement, the reviews also take into account other, mainly social, factors. VER forestry projects comply with Plan Vivo guidelines, the most well-​known and proficient standards in this field, which are supplemented by myclimate’s own strict criteria.

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