Appenzeller Bier – The Art of Brewing Meets Sustainability

Brauerei Locher in Appenzell is a brewery that not only produces excellent beer with fans all over the world; this family-run business is also a role model with regard to sustainable business policies and climate protection awareness.

The Appenzell company faithfully follows the myclimate principle «Do your best and compensate for the rest». They recently switched their heating system from oil to natural gas. This measure alone reduced the CO₂ emissions by a third, and it was flanked by a range of other sustainability steps.

Since Brauerei Locher compensates for other emissions via myclimate, the brewery's «Quöllfrisch» beer earns the myclimate label «climate-neutral beer».


Brauerei Locher climate protectsion projects

Less Smoke Thanks to Efficient Cookers

We’ve always been proud of the quality of our beer. myclimate’s CO2calculation showed us how to make the brewing process more eco-friendly without compromising the product. We went one step further with our much-loved Quöllfrisch bottles, and compensate the remaining emissions in a climate protection project. That means you can enjoy our beer climate-neutrally.

Hans Sonderegger, Co-Owner of Locher Brewery

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