Baumeler Reisen – comprehensive environmental commitment

Since the end of 2011, customers of Baumeler Reisen are able to book completely climate-neutral holidays. The voluntary CO₂ compensation extends beyond the flight to include all accommodation, transfers and other tourist services at the travel destination. The entire CO₂ emissions are calculated individually for each Baumeler holiday.

The offer has proved very popular since its introduction: 75 per cent of travellers are booking a climate-neutral holiday. This high number illustrates that climate-neutral travel is currently extremely popular. The contributions of the Baumeler clients flow into the myclimate climate protection project «Wind energy in Turkey». Baumeler will offer a visit to this wind park as part of a special holiday, which will be combined with the classical Cappadocian hiking holiday. However, Baumeler Reisen's commitment does not end there: by doubling the climate francs of its customers, the tour operator is supporting various new myclimate Audio Adventures in Switzerland over the next three years. The latter promote climate education and sensitisation. Thus, Baumeler Reisen is establishing a meaningful presence at locations where schools, institutions, companies, families and interested parties want to find out more.

The introduction of carbon compensation for our activity trips has proven itself exceptionally well. Every year, 75 percent of our customers compensate for their trips.

Serge Brunner, Director Baumeler Reisen

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