Maestrani – Climate-neutral chocolate

Swiss manufacturer Maestrani has been creating chocolate temptations for more than 150 years, with a focus on corporate climate protection. Each year the company uses a carbon footprint to calculate all of its greenhouse gas emissions. This process analyses and evaluates all business activities, from auxiliary and raw materials through energy consumption to transport. Maestrani uses the software myclimate performance 2.0 for CO₂ and resource management.


In a second step, Maestrani asked for a calculation of the specific CO₂ emissions from its own chocolate product range and then compensated these through the climate protection project efficient cookers in Peru. As a result, ten different varieties of chocolate were awarded the climate-neutral myclimate label in 2014. Also all clients from Maestrani have the opportunity for climate-neutral chocolate products with myclimate. 

The choosen climate protection project aims at improving the living conditions of the local population in various regions of Peru in the long run. To do so, the project introduces efficient cook stoves with chimneys. It also reduces demand for unsustainably produced firewood. This reduces CO₂ emissions and protects the local forest.

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