my M climate fund – CO₂ compensation in the value-creation chain

Since the start of 2018 Migros has been offsetting all the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the air transportation of its goods. myclimate calculates the emissions. The compensation takes place in climate protection projects that myclimate implements in Migros’s supply chain, both in Switzerland and internationally.

One project for example is supporting the production of beef in nearby Romania, instead of overseas, in order to replace imports from overseas, the transportation of which is very CO2-intensive. Another project supports climate friendly rice production in Thailand. This project not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also uses a new cultivation method to increase the yield for farmers and promote local expertise. The processing takes place via the my M climate fund. Projects financed by the fund support Migros’ goal of reducing its own emissions over the long term. 

There are numerous potential approaches to projects within Migros’ value-creation chains. They allow new production facilities to be set up in nearby foreign countries, which makes it unnecessary to import products from countries overseas and thus avoids the emissions caused by their transportation by air. Sustainable organisation and improved use of space in coffee and tea cultivation offers a good deal of potential for effective climate protection with significant socio-economic benefits. There are opportunities to improve climate protection within the Migros value-creation chain in Switzerland as well, and we are currently developing them.


More about the cooperation

As the most sustainable retailer in the world, Migros believes it is essential to continually reduce and compensate CO2emissions caused by air transport. We believe it is our responsibility to reduce these emissions in our own supply chain. The my M climate fund makes it possible for us to implement this pioneering feat. With its many years of experience implementing climate protection projects, the myclimate foundation offers us support and checks whether there really has been a reduction in all CO2 emissions.

Thomas Paroubek, Head of Sustainability at Migros

Previous cooperation

A few years ago, myclimate evaluated around 900 Migros products with regard to their CO2 emissions. The calculated data were printed on the product in a clear colour scheme. This way, customers in shops were able to compare the carbon footprints of products quickly and easily. The results were also available on the Migipedia page under the search term " climate declaration ". The carbon footprints calculated covered the entire product lifecycle. By calculating and transparently declaring the carbon footprints for its products, MGB made good on a Generation M promise as part of its sustainability strategy.

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