Sunstar – Climate-neutral Holidays

Swiss hotel chain Sunstar is the first fully climate-neutral hotel chain in the world. Sunstar has pursued an innovative sustainability strategy for years, and has managed to drastically reduce its CO₂ emissions through targeted energy-saving investment.

In addition to actions such as insulating windows, the consistent use of energy-saving bulbs, measures for heat recovery, the installation of a central energy management system, and switching to fuel-efficient company cars, the hotel guests are pampered with regional seasonal dishes or they are given a free train ticket for an environmentally-friendly journey from their home to the hotel. These measures have succeeded in continuously reducing the emissions over the years. The remaining unavoidable emissions from the hotels – from power and fuel oil consumption, to transport, through to catering – are compensated by Sunstar in myclimate climate protection projects.

At the international tourism trade fair ITB in Berlin in 2013, myclimate presented the Sunstar Group with the myclimate award for the «hotel industry» category, thus distinguishing the hotel group as a global pioneer in carbon compensation in this industry. The company has been working in the area of sustainability for many years, striving firstly to reduce its emissions, and secondly to compensate the remaining unavoidable emissions with myclimate. Since 2008, Sunstar has thus guaranteed its guests a climate-neutral stay with no surcharge.

Climate-neutral holidays are not just a label that we want for decoration. Together with our guests, we can create impressive added value via projects from which people in climate-sensitive countries will benefit directly.

Kurt Bieri, Head of Coordination of Hotels, Sunstar Hotels Management Ltd

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