Exklusive Climate Workshop

The energy hunt in your company - Exclusively for SME clients of Raiffeisen

Businesses rarely utilize their full potential in the topic of energy efficiency even though they could profit in three ways: With the identification of energy guzzlers in a business and a climate-friendly solution one massively reduces costs, protects the environment and hereby improves its image.  

In this entrepreneurial challenge Raiffeisen is supporting you and your business with a Climate Workshop including an energy hunt in your company. With the action-oriented and fun energy hunt your employees will find the energy guzzlers in your business and develop solution ideas for their daily routine. Hereby the team spirit as well as the environmental awareness is encouraged.

With the climate workshop "Energy Hunt" Raiffeisen hopes to encourage employees of SMEs to practice a more energy and resource saving life style. Through this the climate, the business and future generations will profit.“

Mario Dietsche, Manager Member Marketing

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