A climate-friendly snowboarding and skiing film? STEPS shows how it's done.

Wooohooo - Snowboarders and Free-skiers are once again starting to browse through YouTube or countless other sites for the season's latest films. Spectacular though they may be, these productions are anything but climate friendly. But there is an alternative...

Once temperatures fall below 20° during the second half of the year, its release time for snowboarding, free-ride and winter action productions. Spectacular, yet excessive, these productions inspire a yearning for snow, jumps, tricks and fresh powder lines. One production stood out from the many often identical productions in 2013: STEPS is the first film of this genre, in which aspects of climate change were given the highest priority. The result is a film that highlighted not only the effects of climate change but also the sport's fascination. The trailer was released online and the film is due to premiere at three screenings in November in Switzerland.

STEPS showcases people who look for alternative ways to live their passion for snow. It shows them exploring the Alps on their doorstep, travelling by public transport and climbing impressive peaks under their own steam, before tackling spectacular runs and drops. Since causing as little CO₂ emissions as possible was one the main goals during the shoot, the production team dispensed entirely with air travel, helicopters and snowmobiles. Sten Smola and his team want to show that spectacular winter images can be achieved without harming the environment. After all, the encroaching climate change is threatening their playground, the mountains.

myclimate calculated the total emissions produced during the film production. At only 1.85 tonnes of CO₂, they are well below those of comparable productions of this kind (normally 50 to 60 tonnes). All unavoidable emissions were offset by myclimate projects.

Anyone wishing to experience STEPS on the big screen and discuss the underlying philosophy with the crew can do so in November during the STEPS film tour. myclimate is giving away 3 pairs of tickets for each showing. Just send a short email with the subject "snow" and preferred location to info(at)myclimate.org. Winners will be announced on 1 November.

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