Again, an award - myclimate project partner Kahlil Baker’s work recognized

Congratulations! The year 2013 could hardly end better: Our project partner and Taking Root's Executive Director and co-founder, Kahlil Baker, received one of the CWY (Canada World Youth) Leadership Awards. He is recipient of the Youth Innovation Award.

The CWY Leadership Awards recognize the achievements of young people from Canada and around the world who are engaged in innovative initiatives that promote peace, intercultural understanding, and community and international development. More than 30 outstanding young leaders were nominated this year.

“I am really honored to be recognized for our work using reforestation to mitigate climate change while increasing the resilience of subsistence farmers,” remarked Kahlil. “We all emit greenhouse gases, so we each must play a role in addressing climate change.”

With over 12 years of experience working with farming communities and reforestation projects in Central America, Kahlil Baker has been developing innovative approaches of making community forestry an economically viable land use option for subsistence farmers. As Taking Root’s Executive Director, he is responsible for the overall successful leadership and direction of the organization. In addition to working for Taking Root, he is pursuing doctoral research in forest economics at the University of British Columbia.

Canada World Youth is dedicated to enriching the lives of people aged 15-35 who want to become informed and active global citizens. CWY offers international educational programs.

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