Biodigesters for Haiti – we need your help!

A fantastic new carbon offset project is waiting to be implemented. Indian expertise combined with advice from myclimate are set to help Haiti to take a step forward. But it will only work with your help.

Crowd Funding carbon offset project Haiti

Charcoal market in Haiti

A new climate protection project is on the starting blocks. With the transfer of knowledge from India, household biogas systems should improve the lives of the rural population in Haiti. Only the hurdle of the start-up investment stands in the way of a countrywide project. Here, there is a chance for anyone who has always wanted to make a close contribution to the success of a project: together with, myclimate is aiming to acquire sufficient funds to make this project a reality using crowdfunding.

The main aim of this pilot project is the construction of 50 small biogas systems as a clean and sustainable source of energy for homes in Haiti. The biogas, which is obtained from animal dung, will replace the charcoal that is currently used for cooking. Without additional start-up funding of 48,000 € the pilot project cannot be realised as planned. Once this is guaranteed, additional funds that have already been promised from a platform operated by the federal government can be activated in order to expand the project to a critical size, with the aim of triggering long-term change for the better in Haiti.

Aidha, a local non-governmental organisation with Swiss-Haitian roots, is implementing the project on location. The technology partner, SKG Sangha, is an Indian organisation. The myclimate partner has already erected thousands of biogas systems in India in the last 20 years. SKG will provide training for Aidha in Haiti in a direct and long-term partnership until complete knowledge transfer has taken place.

As a thank-you for their support, donors will receive a painting from Haiti, each of which is an original, which also indirectly supports local artists.

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