EcoTrust is « Low Carbon Winner » 2013

myclimate only collaborates in a few selected, well-tested forestry projects, which take a holistic and sustainable approach. It’s even better when our approach to one of these projects is confirmed by a prestigious award.

Kudos and Congratulations! Our exceptional project partner in Uganda, Ecotrust, was awarded for its reforestation project "Trees for local benefit", certified by Plan VIVO. Project director Pauline Nantongo accepted the SEED Low Carbon Award 2013. The initiative "Trees for global benefit" encourages farmers both to reforest and to better manage existing forests. This helps to lay the foundation for long-term, sustainable land use, which guarantees that trees will absorb CO₂ and store it in their biomass. This simultaneously enhances biological diversity and promotes the common good.

The SEED Awards, for businesses that are committed to sustainable development, are awarded annually to promising, innovative, and local projects in developing and emerging countries. Unlike other awards, winners don’t only receive cash prizes. SEED also responds to their basic needs for access to knowledge, experience and networks with a comprehensive package of measures, customised to their individual projects.

SEED is a global initiative for measures in the field of sustainable development and "green economy." SEED supports small and locally-based entrepreneurs worldwide who incorporate socially and environmentally-relevant components into their business models.

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