Giant leaps in the CDP ranking

myclimate has been working with Swisscom and Adecco for quite some time now. Their collaboration in the fields of accounting and reporting has paid off for both companies, as strongly confirmed by the annual Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) ranking.

Stefan Nünlist, Head of Corporate Communications Swisscom (2nd from right) at the CDP Annual Conference in Zurich. Foto @

The end of November is an exciting time for many companies who are involved in climate protection. At its annual conference, CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) announces its ranking in the form of the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) and the Climate Performance Leadership Index (CPLI). Swisscom and Adecco have made major improvement in 2013, thanks in part to myclimate's software support and expertise.

Swisscom improved its score from 87 points last year to 95 this year. As a bonus, Swisscom was awarded for outstanding achievements in climate protection (performance band A). Swisscom achieved top rankings in the respective indexes and is the undisputed leader among telecommunications providers.

Adecco improved on its 2012 score by more than 20%. Adecco collects and calculates CO₂ relevant data with the help of the platform myclimate Performance 2.0. Swisscom, a partner of myclimate’s climate education, collects the data internally but allows the experts from myclimate Carbon Management Service (CMS) to examine it.

For years, CDP has done pioneering work by means of a global system of reporting which helps companies to pass on environment and climate related information to investors. In 2013, more than 5000 companies - including more than 80% of the largest publicly traded companies – decided to publish their climate change-related data through CDP. myclimate offers them customised solutions for delivering reports in accordance with CDP for continually improving their ranking.

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