Give the gift of climate protection!

Are you looking for a meaningful Christmas alternative to the usual tie, perfume or Playstation? myclimate has always offered the chance of giving your family, friends, customers or co-workers a sustainable gift in the form of a donation. But now you can even choose your own project to make a direct impact on climate protection.

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What do you think of giving an efficient cooker both to your grandfather and to a family in Kenya at the same time? There’s just a few, simple steps to giving a Christmas present: Just click on our “Gift Shop”, select a project of your choice, and provide direct support to farmers, families and communities.

We offer the following climate protection projects:

Give your parents the gift that supports a family in India with a biogas system! A biogas system makes it possible to cook without firewood, which reduces deforestation. In addition, the system protects families from exposure to harmful soot particles. The organic fertiliser that the system produces as a by-product also increases the family’s crop yield. Your gift can provide a higher quality of life and support the environment at the same time!

The price for building a concrete biogas system is 408,- € (CHF 490.00).

Give your kids a present that enables reforestation of land in Nicaragua! Nicaragua is the second-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. In our climate protection program, small-scale farming families reforest unused parts of their land with native species. The program combines concrete nature conservation with the creation of new sources of income for local families, as the farmers profit directly from the long-term maintenance of the forest.

You can give the gift of planting and caring for 1,000 m² of forest (around 140 trees) for 183,- € (CHF 220).

Make a donation in your sister’s or brother’s name to provide an efficient cooker for a woman in Kenya. Traditionally, rural communities in Western Kenya cook over open fires. With efficient cookers, families can use 40 to 50 per cent less firewood, saving their households a substantial amount of time and money. The women in these households finance their subsidised cookers with savings associations. These savings associations achieve many other things as well, such as guaranteeing medical care or providing funds for school fees or high-quality seeds.

You can provide the means to build a cooker for just 75,- € (CHF 90.00). And what's more, with 20 cookers, we can establish a new savings association and support these groups in the long term.

Whether it’s a forest, a cooker, a biogas system or global climate protection through reduced CO₂ emissions: all of our gift ideas come with a certificate in your name or in the name of the gift’s recipient.

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How about climate protection in yellow?

With help from the Ökozentrum and from you, we will be able to install revolutionary heat-pump-operated fruit-drying systems in Burkina Faso. These systems are not only much more efficient, they also produce significantly higher-quality dried mangos. This project is supported by an intelligent fund that makes it possible to finance new systems on an on-going basis. As a potential investor, you can receive "natural interest" in the form of fragrant dried mangos after the dry season.

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