KYOCERA toners are now climate neutral

A strong signal for climate protection was sent by Kyocera Documents Solution Deutschland GmbH. In cooperation with myclimate, all printer toners are now climate neutral: without a price increase for customers and with a sustainable effect benefitting the people in the Siaya district of Kenya.

KYOCERA Document Solution Deutschland GmbH has expanded their commitment to climate protection. In addition to the existing cooperation with myclimate pertaining to the CO2 compensation of printing and multi-purpose systems within the framework of the company's own PRINT GREEN initiative, they have decided to take another step. As of May, all KYOCERA toners that are distributed by KYOCERA Germany have been made climate neutral with myclimate.

"This is the largest investment in this area so far, and represents a clear signal in favour of climate protection", says Reinhold Schlierkamp, Managing Director of KYOCERA Document Solutions Deutschland GmbH. The annual offset volume will be approximately 21,000 tonnes of CO2. Greenhouse gases, which unavoidably accumulate during the toner's lifecycle, will be offset within the framework of the myclimate project "Efficient stoves for the rural population in the Siaya district" in Kenya. In addition to CO2 compensation, the climate protection project also has beneficial effects on the sustainable development of the region. "Thanks to the involvement of KYOCERA, significantly more efficient stoves can be distributed to households which have up to now been cooking on a primitive fireplace", explains Stefan Baumeister, Managing Director of myclimate Germany gGmbH.

The use of these stoves will significantly reduce the need for firewood and will therefore help prevent the deforestation of the local forests. In addition, the new fuel technology will radically reduce the fume exposure in the households, which will be beneficial to the health of the population, in particular women and children. Furthermore, the local production of the efficient stoves will generate high-quality employment opportunities.

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