myclimate once more pioneer in the carbon offset market

myclimate is proud to announce the registration of its project in Peru as worldwide first Voluntary Gold Standard Programme of Activities (PoA). The project has been developed by MICROSOL, a French social enterprise, with the support of myclimate. myclimate exclusively sells the offset generated by this PoA.

Martin Jenk from myclimate commented: "This project will not only effectively reduce GHG emissions but will also offer multiple sustainable development benefits such as: poverty alleviation; a reduction in fuel costs; less time for women to spend collecting wood; a decrease in the risk of respiratory diseases; and a reduced burden on limited natural resources."

myclimate had a pioneer role already in 2007, when the first CDM project labelled with the Gold Standard had generated the first Certified Emission Reductions (Gold Standard CERs) worldwide. The Gold Standard is the global benchmark certification scheme for high quality carbon credit projects. 

Please find more information in the press release:


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