myclimate Performance 2.0 passes practical test with flying colours

Data management is an important matter. We designed the myclimate Performance 2.0 platform to relieve our clients of as much of the work as possible and to make processes more transparent. It has passed it's first practical test.


Since the beginning of the year, myclimate has offered all of its corporate customers a new version of the online platform for calculating their carbon footprint: myclimate Performance 2.0. It makes sector-specific data entry more manageable and comprehensible and is designed to meet both the current standards and the requirements of users.

myclimate Performance 2.0 can do more than simply calculate carbon footprints. It can be used as a basis for generating valuable key figures for the management systems of a company. Stämpfli Publikationen AG, a partner of myclimate since 2009, has since become the first company to use the platform in an ISO certification process. It was one of the company's corporate objectives this year to have its internal environmental management system certified according to the ISO 14001 standard, valid the world over. Stämpfli drew the key figures it needed directly from a special report generated on the new platform, and incorporated them into the certification process.

"We have been working with myclimate for some time in the form of an industry solution for climate-neutral printed matter", says Matthias Affolter, who is responsible for management systems at Stämpfli. "The data necessary for the underlying carbon footprints is calculated right on the Performance platform. We were totally impressed with both the user-friendliness and the additional options of the new version. The environmental data was compiled in such a way that we were able to use it directly in the process of certifying our environmental management system," he says, describing the experience of working with myclimate Performance 2.0.

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