Save the myclimate 2014 annual report

myclimate has published the 2014 annual report. The report can be found online. As the water rises, however, the report is in danger of being flooded, which makes reading much less enjoyable. Fortunately, this can be prevented.

myclimate annual report,

For the 2014 annual report, myclimate partner KSP (Krieg, Schlupp and Partners) has included a bit of drama: rising water levels threaten to consume the text of the online annual report. With this feature, myclimate and KSP would like to highlight the dangers of climate change and the progress of global warming. At the same time, myclimate is making and appeal for personal engagement. Just as every individual can take responsibility for climate change in their own lives with their own actions, the annual report can be kept “above water” by using modern social media channels. Sharing the message on Facebook, Twitter or via e-mail helps stop the water by spreading news about effective climate protection.

The myclimate annual report offers an overview of the tonnes of CO₂ that have been offset and reduced through myclimate projects. In contrast to the general market trend, myclimate has been able to show growth in the area of offset tonnes of CO₂. In the past year, businesses, institutions and private persons offset more than 620,000 tonnes of CO₂ through working with myclimate. The annual report also includes other success stories about climate protection, as well as examples of customer activities and projects in the areas of «Consulting and Solutions» and «Climate Education». Both areas have shown above-average development in the past year.

Click on the link to the 2014 myclimate annual report to learn more and stop the water:

An executive summary of the annual report can also be found in the corresponding media release.

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