Soulfood? Slowfood? Solfood!

Cooking with the help of the sun. Good for the health and the family purse for people in Bolivia and Paraguay; stress-free and inspirational for us. A special recipe book...

“Whoever sees my waistline will realise that I not only like cooking, I also like eating”, says David Whitfield with a smile on his face; so it is not surprising that the Executive Director of the non-profit organisation CEDESOL (Center for Development with Solar Energy) has published a recipe book. What is special about it? This recipe book describes how to cook delicious starters, main courses, and even desserts using only solar power. The name of the book – “Solfood”, with the subtitle “Food for the Soul – Cooked with the Sun” – says it all.

With more than 130 pages, the 54 recipes not only stimulate the reader's imagination and appetite. With many colourful anecdotes, the book also illustrates the significance of solar ovens in the lives of Bolivian families. This e-book can now be ordered at a price of 19.97 dollars, and a considerable percentage of the proceeds goes directly to non-profit projects. As well as continual updates and bonus material, David Whitfield offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

myclimate, together with CEDESOL, has been running a large-scale programme in Bolivia and Paraguay since January 2012. Around 50,000 environmental ovens have been sold as part of this programme, eliminating around half a million tonnes of carbon. Cooking with efficient ovens improves the livelihood of the families, as well as their health, especially that of the women and children, as it removes the stress on the lungs due to soot particles when cooking in the traditional way over open fireplaces.

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