Exterior view of EuroAirport airport surrounded by trees
[Translate to Italian:] A basket of textiles and a sign saying "Recycle, Reuse, Rework" stand on a shelf.
Verschiedene Secondhand Stühle, Tische und Möbel, die nebeneinander ausgestellt auf einem Aussenplatz stehen.
sustainable catering;
eCargo-Trike for the transport of goods on the "last mile" parked on a parking spot for Trucks.
myclimate cause we care, causewecare, sustainability in tourism
UBS, sustainable banking, Alessandro Monsurrò
myclimate Kampagne; Instagram; Geile Zukunft
In the shape of Griesser Ltd and Valiant Bank Ltd, two more companies are adding the topic of internal sustainability to their vocational training. Their trainees are developing ideas and projects for better climate protection and sustainability in their respective companies.
Impuls Mobilität, mobility, city of Zurich
The FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) or Big Bags by Boxon are designed with sustainability in mind throughout the whole life cycle and are also climate neutral with myclimate.
Liechtenstein; foundations Liechtenstein; sustainability education
waste management system; Kenya
Migros; Air Freight; offsetting; insetting
Stephen Neff; myclimate; myclimate CEO; climate protection
sunstar hotels; holidays in Switzerland; sustainable tourism in Switzerland
sustainable cocoa; sustainable chocolate; chocolate industry; myclimate
The new myclimate energy-efficient stoves project reduces wood consumption and protects the habitat of the mountain gorillas
Cinerent; Allianz Cinema; Open Air Cinema
Jobs for Future; education; vocational training
formula e; zurich e prix; climate-neutral event; climate protection
Cloud Apero; Cloud Events; food and sustainability
myclimate; annual report; climate protection; record year
Farmy; online shopping; food industry
Roland Jenni, co-founder of EquiTable, talks about the beginnings, stimuli for Swiss catering industry and the cooperation with myclimate.
Energy Challenge 2018; EnergieSuisse; school classes wanted; climate education
Since it was established in 2002, myclimate has actively contributed to achieving measurable Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on a social, economic and ecological level by means of its climate protection and education projects.
Liip is one of the leading Swiss companies in the implementation of individual web and mobile applications. Almost 160 employees in Zurich, Freiburg, Lausanne, St.Gallen and Bern develop customised digital solutions for companies such as Migros.
Insulation for steam pipes, tree saplings for employees and a focus on better logistics – Emmi apprentices have discovered potential for greater sustainability, better energy use and more climate protection in very different areas of the company.
viscom; myclimate; climate-neutral printed matters; Stefano Gazzaniga; Daniel Kammerer
ITB Berlin; sustainable tourism; myclimate awards
energy; climate; Wauwil
BOBST, packaging machines, folding machines
Biogas; India; climate protection project; movie
printing industry; climate-neutral printed matters; viscom
WWF; Coop; Swiss climate protection
DER Touristik; sustainability in tourism
moors; moor protection; Swiss climate protection
YES; Youth encounter on Sustainability; Costa Rica; sustainability classes
berg-welt; sustainable travel; climate-friendly travel
Seidenberg School; Gümligen; Kids care for climate; climate protection
Energy; energy savings; employee engagement
myclimate; Swiss tourism; Cause We Care; climate protection; sustainable tourism
myclimate smart 3; co2 calculation and reporting
COP23; myclimate; World Alliance of Efficient Solutions; Subnational Climate Fund
Swiss Youth Hostels; climate protection; cause we care; myclimate; René Dobler
Energie; Klimapioniere; Energy Globe Award
CDP; CDP Ranking 2016; CDP Ranking 2017;
Climate Company Challenge; Emmi; sustainability; Swiss vocational training
Solar Impulse; myclimate; pioneers; World alliance for efficient solutions; Spark Horizon
Odlo; Ceramicool; myclimate
bbtrading; myclimate; climate-neutral; promotion
Fred Tschanz; Bauschänzli; Stéphanie Portmann
myclimate; Maxomedia
Emmi; Switzerland; vocational training
Quriers; international climate protection collaboration; sustainability in logistics
Hotelplan Suisse; sustainability; Michele Hungerbühler
co2 emissions; green travel
mountainbiking; Lenzerheide, sustainability
Hostelling International; sustainable tourism; sustainability leaders; Brianda Lopez
myclimate; annual report; business figures
Energy; Climate; vocal education; SV Hotel; Renaissance Tower Hotel Zurich; EnergieSchweiz; Griesser
BEPI, FTA, myclimate,
COP23; Bonn, CORSIA, aviation, climate protection, René Estermann
Ökokompass; Oekokompass; KMU Services Zürich; myclimate
ITB 2017; sustainable tourism, responsible tourism; myclimate awards
Energy and Climate Laboratory
Heating, Krüger AG, Roger Rumo
FluidSolids; Beat Karrer, innovative; material
Bertrand Piccard, Solar Impulse, René Estermann, myclimate, World Alliance for Clean Technologies
climate education; education in Uganda; Mugisha Moses
Saropack; myclimate
Migrol; myclimate; climate neutrality; climate neutral heating oil
COP22; global climate action; Paris Agreement, Marrakesh
ICAO; CORSIA; airline industry; climate protection
ToptoTop; Dario Schwörer; north west passage; climate initiative
BlaBlaCar; umweltfreundliche Mobilität; CO₂-neutrales Mitfahren; Mitfahren; Klimaschutz
co2-neutral; ride share; sustainable mobility; BlaBlaCar
myclimate; annual report; Climate protection
prix eco, SDV Award, myclimate auzeichnungen
OpenAir St. Gallen; Sankt Gallen; Open Air; Festival summer 2016; sustainable event; sustainable festival
Festival del film Locarno; Piazza Grande Locarno, climate neutral event
cloud apéro; Andrea Burkhardt BAFU; Franzjosef Schafhausen; René Estermann
Adecco Group; myclimate, smart 3; sustainability software; CDP
Klimaschutz rundum; SV Hotel; myclimate; Klimalokal
Energy, climate, energy and climate laboratory; EnergySwitzerland
ENERGY CHALLENGE 2016; Energie- und Klimapioniere; Energie Schweiz; Energieeffizienz; Erneuerbare Energien
graphic industry; industrial climate protection solutions
Fröhlich Info AG; sustainable printing; solar energy; industry forerunner
SIX payment services; terminal changes; credit card payment
Solar Impulse; win a trip to Monaco
ITB 2016, sustainable tourism,Swiss Youth Hostels, AER Kooperation, Dreamtime Travel, Umbrella
ITB 2016; climate protection and tourism; sustainability
YES: Youth Encounter on Sustainability, Educaton on Sustainability; Stefan Gara
Quickmail, postal delivery, sustainabilitiy forerunner
YES Labs; sustainability; young professionals
myclimate smart3; Software solution, sustainability, Ressource management
Paris, COP21, Statement, Climate Protection
UNFCCC; Solar Home Systems, Mobisol; Momentum for Change
chocolate; climate protection; climate neutral chocolate; Maestrani
Energy and Climate Pioneers; climate protection, Solar Impulse, Bertrand Piccard
CDP; eco-consulting; reporting
myclimate, Papyrus AG, Papier und Umweltschutz
#dennichliebe; #dennwirlieben; myclimate; Klimaallianz
Ölfrei, Energie-und Klimapioniere, Herzogenbuchsee, Bildung
product carbon footprint, ressource efficiency, myclimate, lettuce
Taking Root, Monitoring Award, SDG, Plan Vivo
sustainability, climate protection, tourism, Scuol, Urs Wohler, Engadin, Samnaun, Val Müstair
Pole To Paris, COP21, poles, climate neutral
education; climate education; Solar Impulse; YES
Valmedia,, BAFU
Fatih Birol, patronage committee, IEA, Süddeutsche
Youth Encounter on Sustainability; YES, Costa Rica, climate education
VAUDE, Antje von Dewitz, green outdoor, sustainabilit, made in Germany, myclimate
climate protection china, impact carbon, myclimate
Weltklasse Zürich, climate-neutral event, track and field, diamondleague
hotelplan suisse, cruise travel, carbon emissions, voluntary offsetting
climate protection, climate politics, polluters pay
Solar Impulse, Monaco Control Center, Energie und Klimapioniere
myclimate, KSP, Red Dot Design Award winner
Ironman Zürich, klimaneutraler Event
myclimate Foundation Board, Urs egger, Giatgen-Peder Fontana, Simon Lehmann
Klimawerkstatt,climate laboratory, vocational training
audio adventure, basel, climate protection
cargo, delivery service, innovation in logistics
Climate protection, Energy efficiency, Climate Laboratory
Swisscom, Wankdorf, Efficiency
WTFL, Tourism, Industry, sustainability
Francoise Hollande, Ernst Schweizer AG, Climate Laboratory
final bid, The One and Only, unique
YES course, Costa Rica, sustainability
Reto Knutti, ETH Climate Science, Patronage
ITB, travel and sustainability, myclimate
myclimate team, myclimate Marketing, myclimate sales, myclimate education,  myclimate carbon management service
YES, Interlaken, sustainability
Vertreter der Bündner Hotelbranche nehmen eine Watt d’Or Schneekugel entgegen.
COP 20, UNFCCC, Peru, Climate change, Paul Leon
myclimate, annual report 2013, the one and only, KSP
Gehege der asiatischen Elefanten im Zürcher Zoo.
Yuri Okubo, climate protection Japan
Mobility, myclimate, win, Sunstar Hotel
Takataka, Carbon Offset Project, Kenya, Recycling, waste management
Ein Schüler meldet sich, um Piccard eine Frage stellen zu können.
Coffee husks are produced as a side product during the production of coffee.
CDP, Leadershio, Carbon Disclosure, myclimate Turkey
Boy with a myclimate glacier-ice in his hand.
Swiss energy, climate projects, school projects, Solar Impulse
YES, international course, smart energy, actis education
Christmas Gifts, usefull christmas gifts, charitable christmas gifts, Nicaragua
Thule, Tuvalu, Swiss Cinema
act, cleantech, Switzerland, target agreementslvereinbarung
myclimate annual report, KSP, theoneandonly
Think More About, congress, Umweltarena, myclimate
Baumeler Reisen, offsetting, sustainable travel, climate neutral event, Zurich events, Youri Podladchikov
Audio Adventure, Zurich events, Zurich city tour, climate protection in Zurich, Danone
Captain Plant, climate neutral, healthy food, vegatarian burgers
Bikemarathon, carbon offset project Bolivia, solar cookers
Klimawerkstatt, Klimapioniere, school projects, climate protection, education projects
act, Cleantech, Energieeffizienz, Grossverbraucherartikel
LCA, product, ressources, federal office of environment
Bern, Audio Adventure, city tour, touristic highlight
myclimate, jobs, administration, carbon management services
Swiss Holidays; tourism, special offer, myclimate
family farming, UN year, smallholder, climate protection, forest protection, Nicaragua
Bali, project, climate change, Biodiesel, Caritas, Kuoni
adventure trip, Scotland, hiking, biking, paddling, climate protection, outdoor sports
climate friendly tourism destinations, alps tourism, sustainable tourism
TOPtoTOP, global climate expedition, climate ambassadors, seven summits
Klimaschutzprojekte, klimafreundlicher Konsum, internationales Bildungsprojekt, myclimate, Hot Stuff Climate Net
Hot Stuff Climate Net, International school project
DRV, Klimaschutz, Reiseindutrie, Tourismus, klimaneutrale Events, Kompensation, Klimaschutz
climate laboratory, IBM Switzerland
Klimawerkstatt, Auszubildende, Lernende, Wettbewerb, Schweiz, Klimaschutz
2-degree target, international climate policy, Swiss policy
Stellungnahme Klimapolitik Schweiz Bundesrat
Lutz Pfannenstiel, Rainer Hahn, myclimate, football, climate protection, Global Football United, football charity
Farnek, TIME Hotels, Carbon Offsetting, climate neutral hotel stay, project in Darfur, project in Ethiopia, Arabian Travel Market
UNFCCC; Christiana Figueres; myclimate carbon-offset-projects; Kathmandu; Momentum for Change
ACT is an organisation with a broad operating base, which supports businesses in the efficient use of resources
On 1 May 2014, myclimate was named as a CDP Silver Consultancy Partner in Switzerland. These two well-known organisations in climate protection are joining forces, sharing as they do a dedication to climate protection and a vision of the global economy.
The climate laboratory is the longest running education project of myclimate targeting trainees and encouraging them to explore and realise potential energy savings within their own firms, at school and in day-to-day life.
Alternative energy in Switzerland, Ticino
carbon offset project myclimate Mobisol Tanzania solar
 Reinhold Schlierkamp, Kyocera - Daniela Matysiak, Kyocera - Jared Buoga, Tembea - Stefan Baumeister, myclimate Germany (from left)
myclimate festival del film locarno
awareness raising, teaching and projects about climate change
tourism sustainability award myclimate ITB 2014
YES course Kenya
Crowd Funding carbon offset project Haiti
water purification in Uganda
Carlton St. Moritz climate protection
act clean tech agency
Top to Top Awards

myclimate is supporting the Swiss environmental activist Louis Palmer in his newest project “Solar Butterfly”. The goal of Solar Butterfly is to…

The Company Challenge is finding favour in the business community. More and more companies are empowering their young professionals to develop…

Die Familie Wiesner Gastronomie AG (FWG), welche 11 sehr bekannte Food-Brands zu ihrem Gastrounternehmen zählt, kompensiert neu alle ihre…

At the end of February, in the shadow of war in Ukraine, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published the latest part of its Assessment…

myclimate is able to implement its winning project “helping to shape climate-friendly Zurich” until 2023 thanks to the City of Zurich “Für Züri”…

swiss unihockey is now offering the clubs in the association the opportunity to get involved in effective climate protection. As a sustainability…

On 2 January, Matthias Niederhäuser and Robin Wenger from Diamondo Earthrounding set off from Switzerland on their journey around the world. In the…

Vaude has decided to become climate neutral with all products manufactured worldwide from 1st of January 2022. To achieve this, the outdoor clothing…

Until now, anyone replacing their old oil or gas heating system has had to submit an application for support to the respective municipality or canton…

Gentile visitatore, purtroppo questa pagina non è disponibile in italiano ma solo in inglesetedesco o francese.

There’s good news for homeowners interested in funding contributions! In our support programme for pellet heating systems the participation conditions…

The 2022 World Floorball Championship in Zurich and Winterthur is right around the corner. Advance ticket sales began recently. The event organisers…

The UBS Philanthropy Foundation is running a fundraising campaign, calling on its customers to donate to myclimate’s Moor programme.

Carvolution customers now have the opportunity to offset their CO2 emissions free of charge when they fill up. The Bernese car subscription provider…

What do blinds and sun protection systems have to do with climate protection? A lot! Efficient blinds optimise the heat balance of buildings and thus…

Das Zunfthaus Weisser Wind kompensiert neu alle seine CO2-Emissionen und wird klimaneutral. Gemeinsam mit der Stiftung myclimate hat das…

Swiss musician and producer Dodo actually wanted to travel to Africa with a shipping container last year, to record his album there, but then the…

With ‘Energy and Climate Pioneers 2.0’, myclimate has introduced a new educational programme. The programme is available immediately and offers…

Am Sonntag, den 13. Juni, hat die stimmberechtigte Bevölkerung in der Schweiz die Annahme des CO2-Gesetzes abgelehnt. myclimate hatte sich im Vorfeld…

Since last winter, the #SWISSGREENCHAMPS of our "Cause We Care" partners have been showing how sustainability in tourism is lived by the employees.…

The myclimate Company Challenge helps you to involve your apprentices actively in your efforts towards sustainability and to give up-and-coming…

“We need to talk!” These are the words with which the first National Climate Day on 27 May is addressing the people of Switzerland. For an entire day,…

The new myclimate support programme offers property owners attractive funding for the replacement of old oil and natural gas heating in rented…

myclimate is a Viseca surprize partner. That means that anyone who has a Viseca credit card and who collects surprize points can donate these points…

Spring is peak season for printing. Annual reports and results, and perhaps also new brochures and other printed material are being planned. So it’s…

The revised CO2 Act is an important step in the right direction. myclimate and many other players from business and society, including swisscleantech,…

Everyone’s talking about climate protection. At myclimate, we strive to do our bit and inform about this topic to the best of our abilities. We have…

Are you looking for a sustainable present? With myclimate, you can make a gift of tangible climate protection and a contribution to sustainable…

The success of the circular economy requires greater expertise within companies. The circular economy approach is one of the most important means of…

Cold air, paper or fabric towels? There are a few ways to dry your hands. But which way is best from a climate-protection standpoint? Dyson Airblades…

What is professional football currently doing for the cause of climate protection? This key question was investigated by myclimate Germany. Summary of…

More than 20 years ago, the Swiss Association for Transport and the Environment (VCS) brought the first eco-friendly vehicle insurance onto the market…

myclimate has succeeded in greatly increasing its presence in French-speaking Switzerland over recent years. This is in no small way thanks to our…

Our diet has a huge impact on our personal carbon footprint. Vegetarian meat alternatives such as myclimate’s «Zero Burger» are delicious and much…

myclimate conducted the Cloud Talk series as a webinar for the first time on 11 June 2020. As part of the existing series of talks entitled “A new…

The big #hierundhappy photo competition is being launched on 01 July 2020 as part of the myclimate foundation's "Shape your trip", the new education…

The largest sporting event in Switzerland last year was completely climate neutral. The recently-released sustainability report on the 2019 Swiss…

WWF and myclimate have been working closely together since 2007. myclimate and WWF collaborate on the development of carbon offset projects for the…

As the foundation's official translation partner, 24translate supports myclimate with translation services. Since 2012 the translation agency…

Today's travel habits have a large and constantly increasing impact on our climate. Around 18% of the annual carbon footprint of Swiss nationals is…

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