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About 900 Migros products assessed

Yummi, my favourite yogurt...but can I buy it with a clear conscience? Thanks to Migipedia and myclimate, customers can now look up the carbon footprint for any product at a glance.

The Migros Cooperative Association had myclimate calculate the carbon footprints for many of the items in its product range. It was a truly Herculean task, but myclimate computed the carbon footprints for around 900 products in 22 product groups by the end of 2012. The results were published on the migipedia webpage.

Carbon footprints cover the entire product lifecycle. By calculating and transparently declaring the carbon footprints for its products, MGB is making good on a promise of MGB's Generation Mas part of its sustainability strategy.

climatop, an independent organization, translates the data into easy-to-understand colour codes so customers can quickly and easily compare the carbon footprints of different products.

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